Oregon Undersea Gardens

250 SW Bay Boulevard
Newport, Oregon 97365

URL: Oregon Undersea Gardens
Phone: (541) 265-2206

The Oregon Undersea Gardens provides a unique way to view aquatic life. Walk down the gang plank and board a 150 feet long ship. Then travel down into the deck below to view a live aquatic show.

Visitors enjoy dive shows in an underwater theater. The landscape is dotted with white and crimson anemones and kelp waving in the waves. Tour guides and scuba divers with microphones narrate the action and the marine actors are nothing short of spectacular.

When the lights are turned down, you’ll see fish, eels, starfish, and octopi in their natural habit. Sometimes an elusive eel or octopus is enticed to come out of seclusion so you can see them up close. The tours are educational, entertaining, and suitable for all ages.