Vacation Rental Management Services

Keystone Vacation Rentals strives to be a leader in the Oregon vacation rental market. Locally owned and operated, Keystone offers a vacation rental service that provides a convenient and pleasurable experience for both its homeowners and guests. 

Our staff includes a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a licensed real estate broker whom offer years of real estate, rental and financial experience to assist in making the ownership of a vacation rental home in Oregon an enjoyable and profitable venture.

Additionally, Keystone Vacation Rentals understands that a major key to success in the vacation rental business is marketing. Hence, we offer homeowners a number of marketing options, including access to multiple web-based advertising sites specifically for vacation rentals.

We know from thorough market analysis that a majority of all vacationers will book or research their travel destination online. With our commitments to customer satisfaction and innovative online marketing, our homeowners can enjoy a marketing platform that reaches thousands of vacation renters each year, maximizing rental potential.

In addition to our commitment to customer satisfaction and the utilization of online marketing platforms, we offer a wide variety of professional services to our homeowners and their guests.

Why you should consider Keystone Vacation Rentals

  • We strive to protect your investment with a local, highly trained professional staff with a commitment to professional, moral, and ethical practices. We are able to respond promptly to our guests and homeowner's needs.
  • We are committed to maintaining a business oriented towards our homeowner’s needs. Unlike a majority of vacation rental services, Keystone Vacation Rentals is committed to a practice of selectivity when choosing the number of vacation rentals we will manage. As a general rule, the larger the organization, the less attention each homeowner and their respective property will receive. Hence, our desire to focus first on the responsibilities due each homeowner and property, and to manage only as many rentals that allow us to fulfill this commitment.
  • Our staff is trained in industry best practices and include a licensed real estate broker and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) whom can advise on a variety of subject matters.
  • We provide free consultations to owners on matters of furnishing the property, cleaning requirements and amenities that guests seek so the property can be a frequently requested home.
  • We do extensive marketing research and training to offer our guests and homeowners current and accurate market rates to ensure our guests are receiving the most value for their money and our homeowners are obtaining the best possible return for their investment to offset ownership costs.
  • We offer a comprehensive marketing strategy for promoting your vacation home. We are actively committed to offering homeowners the best marketing avenues available to find a wide variety of vacationers. We are continuously updating our website and marketing materials to capture a growing market of Oregon vacationers.
  • We implement aggressive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to keep our website and advertising at the forefront of web searches.
  • We provide photographs and a detailed description of each vacation home on our website. Additionally, every time a potential vacationer reviews our vacation home listings, the vacation homes are displayed in a new, randomized order ensuring each home receives equal market exposure. Additionally, we monitor each guest’s experience ensuring the highest quality of satisfaction and future repeat vacationers.
  • We are committed to professionally maintaining your vacation home. We utilize professional cleaning and maintenance services upholding our commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Furthermore, we handle all reservations, confirmation correspondence, directions, welcome packets, and payment processing. We will provide to the owner detailed monthly revenue reports and payments by the 15th day of each month for the prior month’s rental activity. We will prepare any lodging/transient room tax forms to comply with local and state laws and provide each owner with a Form 1099.
  • We never use your property for our company or private use. Only paying customers, owners and guests of owners are authorized to stay at the home.

What is Keystone Vacation Rentals responsible for when managing my vacation home?

  • Marketing and advertising of the vacation home on our online marketing network. Additional vacation home specific advertising can be coordinated with Keystone Vacation Rentals for an additional fee.
  • Financial analysis of the property including pro forma cash flows, net operating income analysis and review of common indicators of the productivity of your investment.
  • Adjusting rental and discount rates throughout the season to ensure maximum occupancy and rental income.
  • Coordinating and collecting documents and rent payments from our guest and providing each homeowner with monthly reports.
  • Providing a reservation service.
  • Providing a broad network of professional relationships with area vendors who manage issues such as electric, plumbing, and landscaping.
  • Schedule professional cleanings and conduct inspections of the home.
  • Coordinating and managing guest and contract workers access to the home.
  • Provide guest with additional housekeeping and concierge services when requested.
  • Our Accounting Department will prepare and disburse applicable funds for lodging/transient room taxes, credit card merchant fees and yearly Form 1099’s.
  • We will ensure excellent customer service by providing guest with an emergency contact number while vacationing with us and provide local staff members to assist with any complications that may arise.
  • Consistent communication with our homeowner’s about their vacation home.

As a home owner what would be my responsibilities?

  • Paying all general ownership responsibilities or obligations associated with the home such as:
    • Monthly mortgage payments
    • Monthly utilities
    • Property taxes
    • HOA fees
  • Providing an accurate rental insurance policy to cover the home, its contents, and the occupants.
  • Providing Keystone Vacation Rentals with a fully functional home that is in rentable condition. Keystone Vacation Rentals is not responsible for providing any items necessary to rent the home.
  • Home Owners are responsible for providing repairs or replacements on any items and inventory resulting from normal wear and tear.

What are the fees to have Keystone Vacation Rentals manage my vacation home and place it in their Rental Management Program?

  • Our property management fee is 28% of gross monthly rental income.
  • Homeowners are charged a one-time setup fee to enroll their home into our property management and online marketing program. It is a one-time fee only, with no annual renewals or monthly membership charges and it is valid for as long as your home is in our property management and online marketing program. This fee covers obtaining photos of the property, development of inventory reports and equipment use manuals, implementation of access controls to the property, creation of an owner account and property marketing setup on our website.
  • An annual deep cleaning of your home is required at the owner's expense. This is done to maintain the property’s marketability and ensure our guests complete satisfaction with their stay.
  • Routine maintenance and home repairs are not covered under the management fee.

More details about the Keystone Vacation Rental Management Program:

  • All nightly rental fees such as housekeeping, lodging taxes, booking fees and damage waivers are paid for by guests, not Owners.
  • There are no restrictions for Owners to stay in their own vacation property. Keystone Vacation Rentals requires advance notification for an Owner or Guest of Owner reservation and Owners must pay a housekeeping service charge upon their departure.
  • All properties must have at least one active phone line with a phone for emergency purposes plus the ability to call our office and after-hours phone number.
  • Our contracts span a 12 month term and are easily renewed or extended to accommodate future reservations.
  • We allow your home to be listed for sale while it’s being rented provided your Realtor® coordinates closely with us for showings to ensure our guests can enjoy their vacations undisturbed.

We specialize in managing and marketing condos along the Oregon Coast that have special appeal, abundance of amenities, extra conveniences and great locations that guests will enjoy and that will differentiate our properties from the competition.

Still have questions? For more information about our property management services please feel free to contact us.