Rental Policies

Please note a complete description of Keystone Vacation Rental’s Terms and Policies will be available for review before finalizing your reservation. You may find more helpful information by viewing our FAQ page or you may contact us with any additional questions.

All promotions exclude holiday nights unless otherwise noted. Promotional rates do not include taxes and fees. Offers valid on qualifying reservations. Keystone Vacation Rentals reserves the right to discontinue or change the promotions at any time. Void where prohibited by law or otherwise restricted. Offers cannot be combined unless otherwise stated. Discounts may not be applied to previously confirmed reservations.

A minimum of 50% of the amount due is required at the time of the reservation with the balance due within 30 days from the time of the arrival.  All reservations require a credit/debit card payment at the time the reservation is made.  Reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date shall be required to pay the full amount at the time of the reservation.  By authorizing payment via credit/debit card you are authorizing Keystone Vacation Rentals to charge your credit/debit card the balance of the total charges 30 days prior to the commencement date of your rental period. A notice will be sent to you via email to confirm receipt of payment.  We do not allow payment at the time of arrival.  Reservation charges include, but are not limited to, lodging, taxes, damage waiver (ARDW), cleaning fee and booking fee.  All fees are subject to change.


There are no refunds for early departures. Upon final payment and approximately one week before the commencement date of the reservation, we will provide the address, directions & lock box combination for the rental you have reserved.  The keys to the unit will be in a combination lockbox on or near the front door. You may arrive anytime after 4:00 p.m. We maintain an answering service should you encounter any problems at arrival. However, after hours response is limited to emergencies only.

To protect against cancellations caused by certain unforeseen events, such as illness and weather, we highly recommend that Guests purchase travel insurance to assure the refund of monies paid due to the unforeseen.

Please note reservations that are for seven or more nights during holiday/peak time periods will be subject to a 60-day cancellation policy.  Reservations for stays thirty (30) nights or longer will be subject to either a 90-day or 120-day cancellation policy. Please contact a reservation specialist for more information.

Standard Policy:

Cancellations made 45 days prior to the date of arrival will receive a full refund less the $85 cancellation fee.  Cancellations falling on day 45 to day 31 before the arrival date will receive a 50% refund of the total monies due, not withstanding whether the collection of all remaining monies due has been made pursuant to the Reservation Policy, less the $85 cancellation fee.  Cancellations on or after day 30 prior to the arrival date will not receive a refund. 

For reservations that require a security deposit, said security deposit is not part of the reservation deposit to hold the rental. The security deposit is included in the balance payments due on or before day 30 prior to the arrival date. The security deposit will be refunded in full should the reservation be cancelled.

There is no refund for early departures. Collected money is non-refundable unless the rental unit becomes unfit for habitation as deemed by Management. Under no circumstances shall the Guest be able to determine if a rental unit is unfit for habitation.

Pets and/or animals are not permitted in the rental units under any condition unless otherwise specified in writing from Keystone Vacation Rentals. You will incur an additional charge for carpet cleaning and flea spray if any evidence of a pet(s) or any type of animal is found in your unit or on the premises. Additionally, there is a $250 per animal/pet penalty for each unauthorized animal/pet that was present in the unit.

This is a NON-SMOKING unit.  Smoking is not permitted in the unit unless otherwise specified.  Anyone caught smoking on the premises, except in designated areas, may be subject to fines. 

Guest of the Pacific Winds complex should note that the New Pacific Winds HOA does not allow smoking on the premises and reserves the right to fine a guest up to $250 per infraction of its No Smoking Policy.  Smoking is allowed off premises which includes the public sidewalk outside the front entrance of the complex.

You must be at least 25 years of age to rent with Keystone Vacation Rentals.  No teen or college parties are allowed. Families are welcome, however units designated as sleep six can only accommodate three (3) children 17 years of age or younger and sleep four units can only accommodate two (2) children 17 years of age or younger.  Please note occupancy and age criteria are monitored by onsite HOA personnel. 

Occupancy is specifically LIMITED to the MAXIMUM number of people designated for that particular unit at any time during your stay. Information on occupancy limits for a particular unit may be viewed on Keystone’s website.

Please note that units designated as sleep six can only accommodate three (3) children 17 years of age or younger and sleep four units can only accommodate two (2) children 17 years of age or younger.

Violation of these rules will result in loss of rent, forfeiture of deposit (if applicable) and you will be asked to leave. Additionally, there is a $250 per person penalty for each person over the maximum occupancy for the unit.

In the case where ARDW (Accidental Rental Damage Waiver) was purchased or included in the cost of the reservation, accidental damage to the rental dwelling will be charged only when said charges exceed the ARDW maximum limit of $400 or are not considered accidental. Examples of non-covered charges include intentional damage, gross negligence, willful and wanton conduct by the guest or anyone visiting the guest, theft, excessive cleaning, fines (violations of the pet policy, occupancy limits, etc.), noise violations, etc.  Please note ARDW is not a cancellation policy.

Check-in is 4:00 p.m. 
Check-out is 11:00 a.m.  

You must depart at the appropriate time.  Keystone Vacation Rentals does offer an early check-in (as early as 12:00 pm) or late check-out (as late as 3 pm) for an additional fee at the sole discretion Management.  Early check-in and late check-out is subject to unit availability up until the date of arrival or departure.  Should the early check-in or late check-out times become unavailable, the additional fee will be refunded to the Guest in full.

In the event of hold over by a Guest beyond the departure date set forth in this Agreement, Guest shall pay an amount equal to three (3) times the daily rate for each and every day of such holdover.


There is a two (2) night minimum stay required unless otherwise agreed to by Management.  Longer minimum stay periods apply during holidays and peak rental seasons.
Rates subject to change without notice.

Information about parking will be noted in the check-in instructions received by the Guest prior to arrival. 

Guests staying at the Pacific Winds complex in Lincoln City, Oregon should note that only one vehicle per party is allowed to park in the garage parking located under the building.  Additional parking can be found in the north parking lot, several parking spaces located near the front entrance of the complex and along the street.  The New Pacific Winds HOA does not allow boats, trailers, RVs, etc. to park in the garage or on premises.  Boats, trailers, RVs, etc. may be parked on the street. The New Pacific Winds HOA reserves the right to remove any improperly parked vehicles, boats, trailers, RVs, etc. at the expense of the owner.

It is strongly recommended that Guests purchase travel insurance because unforeseen and unexpected events can occur before you leave or when you are away from home.

Some of our units offer hot tubs. Please observe and adhere to all rules and policies as posted at the unit regarding the safe use of the hot tub. The hot tub and surrounding patio/deck can be dangerous and maybe slippery when wet. You accept and assume all risks involved in or related to the use of the hot tub and patio/deck areas and release Keystone Vacation Rentals and the home owner from any and all liability or loss that may result in connection with the use of the hot tub. Keystone Vacation Rentals makes no guarantees related to the hot-tub and its use.  All rental charges collected by Keystone Vacation Rentals are explicitly for the rental of the property and do not encompass value added items such as hot tubs. 

Please note that due to the extreme weather at the coast and frequent power failures/surges hot tubs may need to be reset upon arrival (instructions are provided for in condos with hot tubs) and time allotted for the temperature of the water to heat to the desired setting.  Additionally, due to the frequent use of the hot tubs they sometimes do require draining before a guest’s arrival.  As a result, the temperature of the water may not be to the desired setting and time will be needed for the water to heat.

Although we cannot guarantee the operation of all appliances, utilities and equipment (e.g. air conditioning, Wi-Fi, pool equipment, hot tubs, kitchen appliances, televisions, etc.) our staff makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the equipment, utilities and appliances are in working order. Agents, authorized employees or repairmen may enter the premises for purposes connected with repair, care, or maintenance of the rental property. We will do our utmost to have any malfunction repaired in a timely manner.  However, Keystone assumes no liability for malfunctioning items and does not offer refunds for equipment, utility or appliance failure.  Please contact the office immediately if you encounter a problem.

For rentals where a security deposit is not collected or required, Guest authorizes Keystone Vacation Rentals to charge Guest's credit card in the event of any damage, theft, loss of items from the rental unit, excessive cleaning (examples of which include excessive trash disposal, excessive laundering, upholstery or carpet shampooing, etc.), and all other damages beyond normal wear and tear, whether intentional or accidental,  as determined by Management.  Guest agrees to and understands that the fore mentioned charges will occur after departure from the rental unit (delayed or amended charges) and hereby authorizes these charges as determined by Management. 

If, due to Guest’s use of the hot tub, the hot tub requires draining, there is a $25 charge (applies only to units with hot tubs).  Furniture should not be moved in any unit.  There is a $30 per hour (one hour minimum) charge to return moved furniture to its proper location.

The unit was professionally cleaned prior to arrival and the cleaning charge covers the professional cleaning at the time of departure.  Daily maid service is not included in your reservation but is available at an additional charge.  Please contact Management ahead of time to make arrangements.
Many of our rental properties are located in mixed-use neighborhoods that include both short-term guests and year round residents. Please be sure to observe all rules and regulations which are provided for in each property. All Guests, as well as Owners, are required to conform to all rules and regulations of the properties.

Units at the Pacific Winds Complex

The Exercise Room, Game Room, Pool and Hot Tub are available for Guest use from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. These hours are subject to change at the discretion of the HOA. Children under 16 must be supervised at all times. The conference room must be scheduled in advance and requires an additional fee.  The unit is fully furnished and equipped.  Do not remove anything from the unit for use in another location, including the Pacific Winds complex or the beach.  Cleaning and/or damage charges can and will be assessed for improper use by the Pacific Winds HOA, who also maintains and manages this facility.  Keystone Vacation Rentals is not responsible for nor makes any guarantees related to these facilities, their condition or operation.

Units at the Village at North Pointe

The clubhouse normally opens at 10:00 am, but please check posted hours at the complex as these hours may be changed by the Homeowners Association.  All children under 16 must be supervised by adults.  Guests must abide by the rules in these areas, and those exhibiting unacceptable behavior in any common area may be asked to leave.  Guests are expected to clean up area after use.  Cleaning and/or damage charges can and will be assessed for improper use by the Village at North Pointe HOA, who also maintains and manages this facility.  Keystone Vacation Rentals is not responsible for nor makes any guarantees related to these facilities, their condition or operation.

Management is not and cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.  A service charge with shipping/handling costs will be charged if you require us to pick up and mail any items left in the unit that you occupied.  Management & homeowner are not responsible for theft or damage of personal property and no refunds will be given for any such occurrences. Guest and all occupants are advised not to leave personal articles in locked vehicles, even if in the trunk; to always lock their vehicle; to always secure the rental.
Many of our units are oceanfront units with access to the beach and are located among residences. Please respect the property rights of others. Use designated beach access for safety and stay away from cliffs that might give way under foot or be subject to damage from erosion. Please do not build fires on the beach unless located in a designated area. Keystone Vacation Rentals does not guarantee that the beach access is available to all units.