Lincoln City: The Local’s Guide


Destination Lincoln City: The Local’s Guide

Oceanfront beach rentals often mean steep prices, but Lincoln City on the Oregon coast is an exception. It’s central location, panoramic views of the Pacific, unparalleled access to native wildlife, rich history, and diverse activities make it a must-see for all ages, without exorbitant prices.

History of Lincoln City

Fisherman attracted by the prolific salmon stocks began a settlement, but the Dawes Act of 1887 offered eighty-acre allotments to Native Americans and settlers. Consequently, many small communities sprung up along the Oregon. Five of these eventually became Lincoln City.

In 1965, the communities of Oceanlake, Delake, Taft, Cutler City and Nelscott united and officials now refer to the original communities of Lincoln City as the “String of Pearls”. Each retains its brilliance, beauty, and unique characteristics.

Oceanlake is now the principal shopping district and business region of Lincoln City. Delake starts near the famous D River, one of the shortest in the world. Taft retains its historic waterfront area and retains a few 20th-century cabins from when it was a popular resort community for the boom of motoring tourists. Cutler City has antique shops, an art gallery, and the relaxing Josephine Young Memorial Park. Nelscott’s stunning beaches and the Nelscott Reef still attract many visitors, particularly surfers from around the globe.

Where is Lincoln City, Oregon?

Lincoln City Oregon is about a two-hour drive southeast of Portland on the Pacific Ocean. Adventurous travelers can travel scenic Highway 101 from Astoria to Brookings and stop in Lincoln City almost midway down the coast.

Lincoln City’s well-positioned for many major attractions and spectacular eco-exploration. It’s just one hour’s drive to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville; home of Howard Hughes’ “Spruce Goose” and other fascinating avionic masterpieces.

Staying in Lincoln City also means half-hour access to picturesque Newport, the stunning Yaquina Head lighthouse and natural area, home to grey whales, harbor seals, and migratory birds. Tillamook’s famous cheese factory, Cape Meares Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge, and the Tillamook State forest are just an hour away too.

Best Beaches Around Lincoln City

Oregon Coast beaches are among the best in the world. You’ll enjoy miles of untouched sand, challenging dunes, tide pools teeming with aquatic life, and many unusual natural formations.

Lincoln City has its own D River state recreation area as well as multiple access points along the coastline. If you love beachcombing, every year from mid-October through Memorial Day you can search for one of nearly 3,000 handcrafted glass floats made by local artisans to find and keep.

You are just two hours from the famous Cannon Beach, rated one of the best in the world by National Geographic and the Oregon Dunes National Recreational area where you can rent off-road vehicles, hike, paddle, or bird watch.

Best Whale Watching in Lincoln City

Lincoln City is a premier location for watching almost 20,000 grey whales as they migrate from Alaska to California and Mexico. Most travel southward between December and January and as many as 30 whales pass by each hour.

On their return trip between February and May, they move slowly and as close as half a mile from shore. About 200 whales also stay on the Oregon coast between June and November.

You can view the migration from the comfort of one of our well-appointed beachfront condos. Many units sleep up to 6 people and include access to wireless internet, an exercise room, a heated indoor pool and the games room.

How Far is Depoe Bay from Lincoln City?

It is just 20 minutes to Depoe Bay, with many worthwhile stops along the way including the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Gleneden Beach, and Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint; a great place to stretch our legs and take in the panoramic view. When you stay in Lincoln City, you’re perfectly positioned to explore the entire Pacific Coast Scenic Byway and all the Oregon Coast has to offer.